Sally Singleton

Sally is a previous winner of the London Writer’s Competition winner. She has also written for The Voice, Black Briton, and The Guardian newspaper.
Sally has previously designed and taught a Creative Writing course for Haringay Council.  It was a unique Pilot Scheme, aimed specifically at the borough’s excluded pupils. The emphasis was on expression, connecting and esteem building. Sally has recently designed a Therapeutic Writing course for the AP Foundation, with an emphasis on self-discovery, self-honesty, healing and growth.

Sally has a personal understanding of Addiction and Recovery, being 31-years sober, herself. She has worked extensively across the Substance Misuse field. In Prisons, Courts, and Police Custody Suites.

The AP Foundation is unique, in its holistic approach, to a national and global problem. It offers fascinating, incredible, person-centred courses, that go way beyond the superficial. These courses offer the critical insights, growth and life skills, that are necessary, in order to facilitate any real change.
I’m proud to be associated with an organisation that has got moral integrity at its core. Everyone who is involved with the AP Foundation, is sincerely committed to achieving its common objective. To change lives”.

Lisa McInerny

Lisa first began lending her support to the AP Foundation,  in 2015. The idea for APF was born within a jail cell, inside the walls of HMP Belmarsh.

Lisa’s passion was ignited when her own son was given a life sentence, under Joint Enterprise, which is a doctrine in the Law. This Law has been described as being unjust, unfair and discriminatory. Particularly towards the working class and BAME communities.

Like the countless other mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers that visit their loved ones in prison, Lisa was astonished to see the deterioration of the prison system, within England and Wales.

Self-inflicted deaths are  six times more likely amongst prisoners, than the rest of the general population. Rates of self-harm amongst inmates is increasing dramatically, as are assaults on staff. This figure has tripled in recent years, with the rise in serious assaults of  particular concern.
Lisa channels her efforts, commitment and energy towards not only assisting the AP Foundation, but various other social justice charities, who fight for reforms within the criminal justice system.

“Far too many of our jails have been plagued by drugs, violence, appalling living conditions and lack of access to meaningful rehabilitative activity,”

Peter Clarke (Chief Inspector of prisons)

Elizabeth Thomas

Liz was not a great achiever at school, after leaving, she went straight into the Care and Retail sectors.
As her 30s approached, Liz found herself reflecting on her life experiences, and her personal journey with Alcohol and Substance Misuse.
It was at this point, that she made the decision to turn her life around.
Liz returned to Higher Education, studying Social Sciences, Welfare, Crime and Society, Working with Young People and Youth justice practice, theory and research. Where she achieved a diploma. 
She then secured a role within Essex County Council, as a Community Panel Member.  Whilst working with young offenders, and the local YOT, Liz realised that this was her true calling.
 “I thoroughly enjoy working with young people, who have gotten into trouble with the Law. Once Covid restrictions are eased, I hope to continue working within this field. 
I admire all that the AP Foundation stands for,  and am honoured to be involved with such a fantastic organisation. “



Alexandra Amiri

Alexandra is a young creative who predominantly operates across multiple areas of fashion, music and art.

Having always had a passion for helping others, she has always engaged in many charitable causes- in the more recent years this has included helping to supply food banks for families, nurses and key workers and running her own parties with all profits going towards various charities, including The Outside Project- the UK’s first LGBT homeless shelter.

Alexandra strongly believes in all that the AP Foundation stands for and is eager to contribute to helping others through the medium of the arts!

Lauren Okeefe

Lauren is a passionate volunteer for the AP Foundation.
It was through her own life experiences, that Lauren realised the type of support that young people going through similar difficulties, would need.
She applied to volunteer with APF, after finding out what we offer and wanting to give back to the community, in some way.

“Having stumbled across a James English podcast with Andrew Pritchard. The way he told his life story just changed something inside me in the most admirable way”