The AP FOUNDATION offers six interactive courses to help prepare young adults for employment in the media industries or confidence to start their own business.

The music industry is innovative, fast-paced and constantly changing, as technological advances and new platforms present new opportunities. The Music Industry programme is aimed at young adult offenders who are interested in making a living from music. The course will focus on developing the core skills needed as a music business entrepreneur. Covering areas such as artist management, marketing, music publishing, copyright legislation, the internet and social media, the live industry, music recording and distribution.

Radio and Digital Production course will equip the students with the practical and creative skills necessary to produce audio and digital content for a variety of broadcast platforms.

We start with audio and digital production, teaching the student how to record, edit and mix live and pre-recorded items, in sound, video and for web content. They will also learn how to operate a studio desk and become proficient in a variety of production roles. DJ, Presenter, Interviewer, Journalist or Correspondent, we explore the different skills and techniques behind these roles.  At the same time, we teach wider production skills including research, legal, ethical and compliance issues and how to pitch their ideas.  They will learn about music scheduling, playlisting, radio commercials and social media content as well as digital story telling

We explore the power of a podcast, what it is and how to create one.  We teach the nuts and bolts of podcast production.  The equipment you need and how to use it.  The editorial dos and don’ts.  The challenges of studio and location recording. The crafting of a beautiful soundscape.  We discover what elements are needed for a commercial podcast and how best to combine them.  We explain the common pitfalls and how to avoid them. We discuss the different genres of podcast and show the best ways to ensure your podcast stands out and spreads across social media.  And most importantly, we show you how to monetise your podcast. 

At the end of the course each student will create a music programme, a documentary programme, a short drama and a podcast using our mobile pop-up recording studio.

There has been an explosion of activity in the British film and television industry in the last few years, with the UK becoming the global destination of choice for film and TV production with almost £2 billion spent on UK-based productions last year.

The Film & Television programme is a four-week course split into two modules, Production and Filmmaking.

The Production module is an introduction to the current Film & Television Industry and how it works from the initial idea stage through to the final delivery of the completed film or television programme. We also cover the wide variety of skills and career opportunities that are available within the industry.

Live Performance & Theatre is a fast-growing sector in the UK entertainment industry. From pubs and clubs to cruise ships and holiday camps; from schools and community art centres to regional theatres and the national stage. We introduce our students to the many career opportunities in the world of theatre, while highlighting the importance of team-work, organisation, time management, communication, discipline, good people skills and the need for a commitment that is not always rewarded financially. We prepare our students for the challenges of working as a freelance in a highly competitive industry.

The Creative Writing course helps students discover the skills necessary to turn their ideas into a practical experience.  We introduce them to the key characteristics of creative writing and lead them step by step through the essentials of the craft, such as characterisation, plotting, description, dialogue, editing, etc.  We also cover the key elements of journalism and non-fiction writing. We guide them through the process of presenting and submitting their work to literary agents, newspaper & magazine editors and book publishers, we also teach them the art of pitching their scripts/stories to producers, commissioning editors, broadcasters and podcasters.

There are many challenges for young adults with convictions to secure meaningful employment or start a new career.  One option open to all ex-offenders is to start a business of their own.

The Small Business programme is a comprehensive course for students interested in setting up their own business but are not sure where to begin.  Led by small business experts and ex-offenders who have started businesses themselves, students will develop a wide set of entrepreneurial skills and gain essential knowledge in planning, marketing and managing finance.

The Filmmaking module is a practical workshop that equips the students with the basic skills needed to make a drama or documentary, culminating in the production of their own short film, made in our pop-up green screen studio.

Radio is prospering thanks to its ability to adapt to new platforms and is now being transformed by a new generation of listeners as it expands into the digital arena, offering the listener greater choice and the audio producer greater opportunity.

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The Business Idea (Vision, concept & goals) The Product (What are you selling?) The Market (Who are your customers & where are they?)Marketing Strategy (How will you get to the customers & how will you stand out?) Market research (What is it like out there?)


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Stage management, theatre technician & stage crew. Front of house. Theatre marketing & Fund raising. Artist agents. Producer. Director. Actor; Singer; Stand-up. Set design; Costume design; Hair & Wigs; Props. Lighting design; Sound design

The Creative writing course helps develop skills in areas such as;

  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Plays; Film & TV scripts; Radio drama
  • Fiction: Novels; Short stories
  • Non-Fiction: History; Biography; Self Help; etc
  • Journalism

Andrew Pritchard with Harry Leckstein (Managing Director of Tileyard Education).

AP Foundation has formed a strategic alliance with Tileyard Education, which is the largest independent music community in the world. It operates 120 studios and runs 250 music businesses from its site at King’s Cross.

On set with Emporium Productions .

In August 2021, MetroFest a new R&B and Hip Hop festival took place at Trent Park in London. The promoters of the event made 15 work experience placements available for young people referred to them by the AP Foundation.