Radio is prospering thanks to its ability to adapt to new platforms and is now being transformed by a new generation of listeners as it expands into the digital arena, offering the listener greater choice and the audio producer greater opportunity.

Our course will equip the students with the practical and creative skills necessary to produce audio and digital content for a variety of broadcast platforms.

We start with audio and digital production, teaching the student how to record, edit and mix live and pre-recorded items, in sound, video and for web content. They will also learn how to operate a studio desk and become proficient in a variety of production roles. DJ, Presenter, Interviewer, Journalist or Correspondent, we explore the different skills and techniques behind these roles.  At the same time, we teach wider production skills including research, legal, ethical and compliance issues and how to pitch their ideas.  They will learn about music scheduling, playlisting, radio commercials and social media content as well as digital story telling

We explore the power of a podcast, what it is and how to create one.  We teach the nuts and bolts of podcast production.  The equipment you need and how to use it.  The editorial dos and don’ts.  The challenges of studio and location recording. The crafting of a beautiful soundscape.  We discover what elements are needed for a commercial podcast and how best to combine them.  We explain the common pitfalls and how to avoid them. We discuss the different genres of podcast and show the best ways to ensure your podcast stands out and spreads across social media.  And most importantly, we show you how to monetise your podcast. 

At the end of the course each student will create a music programme, a documentary programme, a short drama and a podcast using our mobile pop-up recording studio.

  • 4-week Programme
  • 20 students