Across the UK, around 12,000 women are imprisoned each year.

Although women are less than 5% of those in prison, they account for over 19% of self harm incidents, an indication of the traumatic impact of imprisonment on many.

Women entering prison are more likely to have been imprisoned for non-violent offences.

Women in prison are highly likely to be victims as well as offenders. Over half the women in prison report having suffered domestic violence with 53% of women reporting having experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse as a child.

Many of them have dependent children – an estimated 17,000 children are separated from their mothers by imprisonment every year.

Prison Reform Trust – 2020

Womanhood is a self-development and reform programme tailored to look at the specific issues that drive female offenders

Whilst the stereotypical idea of a criminal in many peoples mind may be a male offender, many women can be caught up in a criminal lifestyle through association or geo-political circumstances

The course will be delivered by a professional course leader who has relevant life experience allowing the educator to really connect with the attendees

Womanhood aims to offer women who have gone down the wrong path in life a way out and offers solutions and strategies to successfully live within the rules of our society. This course tackles the unique dynamics of female criminality by getting women to look at healthier patterns of behaviour whilst also bringing awareness to women in regards to exploitation via unhealthy relationships

  • Females of all ages including young offenders
  • 5 day Programme
  • Course Leader
  • 2 Course Tutor’s
  • 8-10 Students