A lack of male role models is a key factor behind the increase in knife crime and gang violence, a senior police officer has suggested.

Bedfordshire Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Sebire said some young people who do not have the “protective factor” of a father figure instead look up to drug dealers and gangsters.

BBC News – February 2020


The Man Plan is a self development and reform programme tailored to look at the specific issues that drive young male offenders

Young males are responsible for the majority of serious criminal behaviour on the whole, this is why it is vitally important that this group is particularly focussed on

The course will be delivered by a professional course leader who has relevant life experience allowing the educator to really connect with the attendees

 The Man Plan aims to give young men the critical tools required to go forward in life in a positive and productive manner. This course includes effective strategies for moving away from criminality, as well as identifying negative patterns and self destructive behaviours that many attendees may have developed in their lives

  • Young Offenders up to late 30’s
  • 5 Day Programme
  • Course Leader
  • Course Tutor
  • 8 Students