Ronnie Mauge

Ronnie Mauge is an ex-professional footballer. He started his career with Charlton Athletic before moving to Fulham and Bury football clubs. In 1991, Ronnie spent a brief spell on loan to Manchester City before being signed by Pymouth Argyle F.C where he became the first Argyle player to score at Wembley, during the play-off final of 1996 when Plymouth defeated Darlington 1-0. 

In 2000, he was called up to join the national squad of Trinidad and Tobago, but broke his leg while playing in the first round of the Gold Cup against Mexico.  Although Ronnie retired from playing professional football in 2002, he has gone on to achieve a successful career as a football scout, consultant and agent. 

As a teenager growing up in Hackney, Ronnie got involved with a local street gang and received a criminal conviction and was sent to prison. Had it not been for the opportunities offered by sport and in particular football, Ronnie’s life could have been very different.

“Sport and physical activity have enormous potential to motivate and help young people change their lives, and I should know – it changed my life forever. I look forward to working with the AP Foundation to help other youngsters change their lives.”