Introduction to Mentorship was designed by Simon Morley (Mixed foundations) and Andrew Pritchard (AP Foundation). This is an innovative and unique ‘mentoring-training  programme’ that will support students between 18-50 years.  The central aim is to equip the client group with a range of new and existing peer mentoring skills and transition into a career focused on youth, probation, IAG etc

Covering anger management, conflict resolution and techniques and knowledge on working with gangs as well as the ever-increasing issues of ‘county lines grooming’ across London and the Home Counties.

The Man Plan aims to give young men the critical tools required to go forward in life in a positive and productive manner. This course includes effective strategies for moving away from criminality, as well as identifying negative patterns and self destructive behaviours that many attendees may have developed in their lives

Hindsight aims to reduce the high level of reoffending for drug trafficking offences by young adults by helping the students understand how they can lower their risk level. An important part of the programme will be the guest lecturers, ex-criminal drug dealers who have made a success of their lives outside crime. We will address the thinking, attitudes and behaviours that lead young adults into drug trafficking, helping them to acknowledge the effect their lifestyle has on their family, friends and the community around them, encouraging them to rethink their lives and to apply their skills in a positive way.

Womanhood aims to offer women who have gone down the wrong path in life a way out and offers solutions and strategies to successfully live within the rules of our society. This course tackles the unique dynamics of female criminality by getting women to look at healthier patterns of behaviour whilst also bringing awareness to women in regards to exploitation via unhealthy relationships

Awakening aims to bring about self-awareness, whilst enabling the student to look at themselves, to understand the choices they have made, why they made them, and then to take responsibility for the sequence of events that has delivered them into the criminal justice system. The course will equip them with the tools and strategies in managing situations that put them at risk of offending. Through understanding the common triggers and negative influences, which tend to lead to criminal behaviour and the consequences for possession of offensive weapons and violent crime.

The Over 50’s Plan is specifically designed to deliver a realistic strategy and method, to help entrenched career criminals step away from a life of criminality. For the career criminal, committing crime is simply a way of life. Many of the most serious criminals have been offending for very long periods of time, usually their whole life. This bespoke course focuses on this group and deals with the very specific issues that these individuals must overcome, in order to participate in society in a legitimate and healthy way

Andrew Pritchard (APF) and Simon Morley (Mixed Foundations, writing their “Introduction to Peer Mentoring” course. Since then the programme has been fully accredited  by ASDAN (education awarding organisation). 

Reuniting Peacock Gym with the founders of the “One Postcode” initiative, which was created by prisoners at HMP Belmarsh back in 2015. Over 90% of the conflicts mediated were successful. Thus, making the Establishment a safer place for inmates, staff and visitors. 

Rosie Collins (Creative Director), Doreen Sinclair-McCollin (Elevated Minds CIC) and Andrew Pritchard (APF) creating ground-breaking Virtual Reality content used to educate and retrain Met recruits in Stop & Search.

Andrew Pritchard (APF), Stephen Graham (mentor), Dr Victor Olissa (former Haringey Met Commander), Simon Gilchrist (filmmaker)  and Big Eddie. Breakfast meeting at the Delaunay in Aldwych. To discuss bringing the “Cure Violence” project to London. A concept that originated in Chicago.

Mark Torres (APF TV) Andrew Pritchard (APF Foundation) Rosie Collins (The Fred Company) Alan Miller (Old Street Films) @ Fred studios in East London working on our new  restorative Justice VR project.  

Andrew Pritchard (AP Foundation) Simon Morley (Mixed Foundations) Daniel Amponsem (DBA Projects)  collectively discussing their strategies for the Serco tender  National Activity Hubs 2020. 

Andrew Pritchard (AP Foundation) being interviewed by Roger (Dodge) Woodall @ VoxPod Studio Parsons Green, South West London for “The Eventful Entrepreneur” podcast.

Photograph shoot for the new “Motus magazine” @ Century private members club, Soho. Photographer Richard Allen, feature article wrote by Jennifer Carr.