Warning: Graphic Content

HMP Lindholme – Prisoner A6724OZ 

September 27, 2019

Put Down A Knife for a Better Life

Having been sentenced to a complete total of eighteen years consecutively over three prison sentences, I have spent nine years of my twenties behind bars, which is a big chunk of my youth.

The unlimited spare time I have, has made me discover the genius that sleeps in my brain while I’m confined to a prison cell.

I remember the first time I ever stabbed someone I felt queasy, it was a reaction out of pressure, and I did it because I was stuck in a predicament, therefore I stabbed him to get away.

I am not justifying my actions rather explaining.

It was mad, I pushed it in him and I could feel every inch penetrating his body but it happened so quick even though it felt slow-motion to me.  When I pulled out my knife it was even worse as the serrated edge gripped and dragged out every bit of flesh it could.  I don’t know why but I went home flicked my knife open and could see blood on the blade, it was kinda shiny, clogged up, thick plus the smell was one I’ll never forget – the blood smelt metallic or like rust on a bicycle, it was disgusting.  

A part of me felt bad because I didn’t even want to stab him but being immature, young and lacking sense, my attitude was “Oh well, shit happens IDGAF.”   I had to do what I had to do, but this was easily said without a bother as I did not have any consequences, but eventually I was locked up in prison for possession of a knife.  

It was a wake-up call and I was lucky enough to ‘Break Out the Cycle’ but many are not, as they have ruined their life and many other lives because one is dead and the other rots in a prison cell serving life.  Either way the choice is yours and the ripple effect of our decisions stretch far causing life-changing results for me, you and society.