Mervyn Lyn

Mervyn knew from the moment he left school that he wanted to be involved in music. At college he became a recognised name in the DJ fraternity then went to work for a chain of record shops, selling the music he loved.  He was soon recruited by Blues & Soul magazine, and in 1986 was snapped up by Virgin Records and has been a music executive ever since.

During a successful career spanning over 32 years, Mervyn ran Sleeping Bag Records in Europe, then became general manager at Motown International before joining the international music company BMG.  He stayed with BMG when they were sold to the Sony Corporation and has only recently left Sony Music after 18 years, having served in a number of senior roles including Vice-president Global Marketing (Europe), Vice-president Marketing and Vice-president Strategic Partnerships.

He is now Managing Director of a strategic partnership agency that works with many of the world’s leading brands and agencies who are keen to promote themselves in the world of Music & Sport.

“I grew up with 3 older brothers. My parents separated when I was just 10 and we were directed and empowered by our father, a determined man who believed success was due to hard work. Back in the early 70’s failure wasn’t an option and as my father had to worked his way up from sweeping London Underground station platforms, he made sure we were educationally armed to be not just good enough for whatever path we chose, he made sure we were  better than that and getting help along the way was a bonus not an entitlement”