Awakening aims to bring about self-awareness, whilst enabling the student to look at themselves, to understand the choices they have made, why they made them, and then to take responsibility for the sequence of events that has delivered them into the criminal justice system.

The course will equip them with the tools and strategies in managing situations that put them at risk of offending. Through understanding the common triggers and negative influences, which tend to lead to criminal behaviour and the consequences for possession of offensive weapons and violent crime.

  • Education about how social media and peer pressure can change behaviour and behaviour patterns
  • Trauma of the reality of stabbing or shooting for the victim and the perpetrator
  • Sentencing guidelines for stabbing someone and what the impact is for families
  • Understanding the Joint Enterprise law and the related consequences
  • Benefits of programme is it spells out the damage of being involved with a gang and carrying knives both financially as well as emotionally and supports a change in mindset.

The course will be run by a course leader and two peer mentors for each session.  

  • 5 day Programme
  • Course Leader
  • 2 Course Tutor’s
  • 8-10 Students

In 2018, figures from the mayor’s office showed that young black and minority ethnic teenage boys and men were disproportionately affected by knife crime, as both victims and perpetrators.