Introduction to Mentorship was designed by Simon Morley (Mixed foundations) and Andrew Pritchard (AP Foundation). This is an innovative and unique ‘mentoring-training  programme’ that will support students between 18-50 years.  The central aim is to equip the client group with a range of new and existing peer mentoring skills and transition into a career focused on youth, probation, IAG etc

Covering anger management, conflict resolution and techniques and knowledge on working with gangs as well as the ever-increasing issues of ‘county lines grooming’ across London and the Home Counties.

The Programme is delivered at various locations

  • Youth centres
  • Social Clubs
  • Youth Offending Groups
  • Prisons

The course will be run by a professional course leader and two guest peer mentors for each session.  

  • 10 sessions
  • 2 hours
  • Course Leader
  • 2 guest Peer Mentors per session
  • 12 students