Older prisoners are now the fastest growing subgroup of prisoners in England and Wales. As at June 2019, there were 13,609 prisoners aged 50 and over. This group makes up 17 per cent of the total prison population.

However very few of the systems within the prison service are designed with older prisoners in mind, and many have multiple health and social needs.

The Retirement Plan is specifically designed to deliver a realistic strategy and method, to help entrenched career criminals step away from a life of criminality

For the career criminal, committing crime is simply a way of life. Many of the most serious criminals have been offending for very long periods of time, usually their whole life. This bespoke course focuses on this group and deals with the very specific issues that these individuals must overcome, in order to participate in society in a legitimate and healthy way

The course will be delivered by a professional course leader who has relevant life experience allowing the educator to really connect with the attendees

 The Retirement Plan aims to show the entrenched criminal the tangible life benefits of change. It will equip them with the tools to do so, and at the same time offers the older offender who may be considering stopping, a way out of the “game”

  • Offenders aged 40 and over
  •  5 Day Course
  • Course Leader
  • Course Tutor
  • 8 Students