music production suite

The music industry is innovative, fast-paced and constantly changing, as technological advances and new platforms present new opportunities. The Music Industry programme is aimed at young adult offenders who are interested in making a living from music.

The course will focus on developing the core skills needed as a music business entrepreneur. Covering areas such as artist management, marketing, music publishing, copyright legislation, the internet and social media, the live industry, music recording and distribution.

The core components of the course will be:

  • The Music Business
  • Artist Development & Management
  • Digital Music
  • Live Sound Technology
  • Concert/Event Promotion & Tour Management
  • Administration & Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing & Media
  • Music Publishing

We will also look at other potential areas of employment, such as backstage work, stage hands, roadies, sound/audio technicians, lighting technicians. As well as A&R, artist liaison, booking agents, cruise ships, sound engineer, label management, digital games, social media, festival management, media pluggers and runners

Taught by leading music professionals, we will provide our students with the most up to date knowledge and skills necessary to enter the music business, whether it’s launching their own band, securing an internship or job placement or setting up their own music business venture.

  • 4-week Programme
  • 20 students