Nabil Abdulrashid

Nabil has been involved in rehabilitation and groundwork charitable efforts with young people for the last twelve years in various capacities ranging from mentoring young offenders, supporting domestic violence victims and vulnerable young people with an assortment of needs and vulnerabilities to confounding a supported housing organisation in his home borough of Croydon south London.

More recently renowned for his work in stand up comedy and political commentary, Nabil uses his growing platform to draw attention to the struggles of inner city youths and ex offenders. As a consultant for key focus groups and charities, he regularly lends his expertise. He is currently developing courses with AP Foundation, which combines performance skills, conflict resolution and confidence building. As one of our leading peer mentors, Nabil has been championing AP Foundation and together we are excited to introduce our first ‘Stand-Up Comedy’ workshop.





Young adult offenders often relate to those who have ‘walked in their shoes’, those who have the lived experience of the criminal justice system. The AP Foundation believe that the ex-offender community has an important role to play in resettlement and rehabilitation.

Arts, culture and media programmes are also an effective way of engaging difficult to engage young adult people in productive activities connected with their leisure interests, developing their vocational and transferable employment skills, boosting their employability and reducing re-offending.