Daniel Amponsem

Daniel grew up in south London before his mother made the decision to move to Hertfordshire when he was about 11. At 17 he made a choice of going into the criminal world, supplying drugs and quickly moved up the chain working with increasingly violent criminals.

He eventually moved into the music scene and took over a drum and bass company called DESIRE which saw him mixing with a load of older Essex criminals. He moved up the ladder fast again before he fell out with a person from a rival firm who tried to kill him.

The shock was so great for his family, his mother took the decision to sign him up for counselling and it was that which was to change his life.

He eventually qualified as a counsellor and trained psychotherapist. He has now worked in schools for the last 12 years. His expertise is called in by social services as the lead mentor for hard to reach children, mental health, autism, criminal activity, housing and family disputes.

Daniel is a Freud family trained counsellor, family liaison officer, CAF trained, child protection officer, speaker at the Old Bailey for gangs police, drugs worker, youth practitioner and key work mentor.