Marvin Herbert

Marvin is a boxing coach, a personal trainer and an inspirational peer mentor.  

An ex-offender with 21 convictions for 76 offences beginning when he was 13, he renounced his criminal lifestyle after he was shot multiple times by a member of a British drugs gang in a daylight attack in Marbella.  He was shot in his eye, groin, arm and leg and was told by doctors that he would never walk again.

“At that specific moment in my life I realised that my existence had been pointless and meaningless. I decided that because I was fortunate to be kept alive, I would have to change dramatically. Not just for myself but for my kids, to guarantee that they had me in their lives for years to come.”

Marvin now works closely with schools and young people, sharing his story to inspire his students to think twice before going down the road that he did.