A rising tide lifts all ships

Why we do what we do and what do we mean by this? When partnerships are formed and people collaborate with the shared vision to stop knife crime and to end the cycle of violence affecting young adults today, then a movement starts which can make the real change in society, especially for all those affected. 

The very real problems of knife crime, post code gangs and a youth culture which seemingly embraces violence is reaching epidemic levels on our streets up and down the country. Many factors have come together to create the nightmare scenario facing young people today. Lack of education, exclusion from school, poverty, breakdown of the community, abandoned families, ten years of government cuts together with the increasing demand for drugs, and easier access to weapons to name a few. 

Every day there is the sickening news in the media of one more stabbing; another senseless killing. It’s happening on our streets and life has become cheap. 

People ask – what can ‘we’ do?  The answer is we can come together,  listen and talk to each and by uniting, create a movement to stop the violence and from killings becoming normalised. 

Collectively we can make the streets safe again for our kids, giving them hope, an education, an alternative to the cycle of violence and a real chance in their lives to realise their worth. It is going to take the concerted efforts of people from across all walks of life. From businesses, charities, families who’ve suffered the tragedy of losing a child to those who were active gang members themselves and are now dedicating their time and energy to stopping other young people making the same mistakes they made, celebrities, rich and poor – everyone has a role to play.  

Start by believing in, and sharing a vision of a society without knife crime, violence. 

The AP Foundation offers a platform to everyone who shares this vision and its ambition is to work with partners, and support people who believe in being the tide, to raise a movement and stop the violence. From Patrons, Trustees,  Advisory Board members, Ambassadors through to Fundraisers and Peer Mentors, we all stand together.