Hindsight is a rehabilitation programme designed for drug dealers and drug traffickers.

Drug use in prisons is widespread as those found guilty of drug-related crimes are gaoled in ever-increasing numbers. 15% of the prison population are in gaol for drug offences, the majority for supplying. The prison service invests heavily in technology and systems to disrupt and reduce the supply of drugs, but as drug use in prisons has increased by 50% in the last five years, they are proving to be ineffective.

The drugs trade in prison fuels violence and self-harm and its effects spill over to families on the outside. Most in-prison drug projects target the user with many rehab and detox programmes that deal with drug addiction and drug dependency. Yet addicts who successfully complete these expensive programmes find that they are relocated to prison wings that are filled with drug dealers who have not had their cycle of behaviour addressed.

There are currently no programmes available that deal with the root causes of drug dealing or drug trafficking.

Drug Dealers are often smart, organised and resourceful; they run efficient businesses using business skills that could be successfully applied elsewhere. Drug dealing is a dangerous game, and many are desperate to get out.

Hindsight aims to reduce the high level of reoffending for drug trafficking offences by young adults by helping the students understand how they can lower their risk level. An important part of the programme will be the guest lecturers, ex-criminal drug dealers who have made a success of their lives outside crime. We will address the thinking, attitudes and behaviours that lead young adults into drug trafficking, helping them to acknowledge the effect their lifestyle has on their family, friends and the community around them, encouraging them to rethink their lives and to apply their skills in a positive way.

  • 4-week programme
  • 2 courses a year in selected prisons
  • NOMS accredited
  • Course Leader
  • Course Tutor
  • Criminologist (part-time); Drug counsellor (part-time)
  • Guest Lecturers
  • 15 Students