Andrew Pritchard

Executive Founder 

Andrew has been a successful entrepreneur in the music and events industry and produced many live music events and large-scale music festivals.  He was also a very successful drug smuggler, a category ‘A’ criminal with a lifestyle to match, that is until it all came crashing down, ruining his life and more importantly ruining the lives of his family.

It was during Andrew’s time served first at HMP Belmarsh and in the following years at different prisons that he changed from being a hardened criminal, to a man who turned their life around and was now committed to supporting young prisoners turn away from crime and Andrew focused on giving them hope and opportunity.

And that is when he decided to set up the AP Foundation to make a difference.   

“I want them to learn from my mistakes, to help them find a pathway away from crime to a fulfilled life where they can achieve their potential”

Steve Diedrick

Youth Behaviour Specialist

Steve had a challenging childhood in a difficult part of London. Being a young black man, dyslexic and not diagnosed until going to university, as a youth he was expelled from school and went to a pupil referral unit and drifted into crime.

He found his passion in working with young people and has now worked with over 1000 young people in a variety of settings including street corners, schools, children’s homes, youth centres, schools and prisons. He then went to university, getting a BA in Criminology and worked for 12 years as a manager of a behaviour support unit within a secondary school, managing a team of 5 people and supporting hundreds of young people. 

Steve received an award in 2017 for outstanding service to young people and has developed his own successful mentoring project and continues to work in different settings with young people from asylum seekers to care leavers, gang members to those exploited by others.

He is passionate about community engagement and is currently working in the housing sector.


Sally Singleton


Sally is a previous winner of the London Writer’s Competition winner. She has also written for The Voice, Black Briton, and The Guardian newspaper.

Sally has previously designed and taught a Creative Writing course for Haringay Council.  It was a unique Pilot Scheme, aimed specifically at the borough’s excluded pupils. The emphasis was on expression, connecting and esteem building. 

Sally has a personal understanding of Addiction and Recovery, being 31-years sober, herself. She has worked extensively across the Substance Misuse field. In Prisons, Courts, and Police Custody Suites.

The AP Foundation is unique, in its holistic approach, to a national and global problem. It offers fascinating, incredible, person-centred courses, that go way beyond the superficial. These courses offer the critical insights, growth and life skills, that are necessary, in order to facilitate any real change.
I’m proud to be associated with an organisation that has got moral integrity at its core. Everyone who is involved with the AP Foundation, is sincerely committed to achieving its common objective. To change lives”.