Andrew Pritchard

Founder and Head of Non-reoffending 

Andrew has been a successful entrepreneur in the music and events industry and produced many live music events and large-scale music festivals.  He was also a very successful drug smuggler, a category ‘A’ criminal with a lifestyle to match, that is until it all came crashing down, ruining his life and more importantly ruining the lives of his family.

It was during Andrew’s time served first at HMP Belmarsh and in the following years at different prisons that he changed from being a hardened criminal, to a man who turned their life around and was now committed to supporting young prisoners turn away from crime and Andrew focused on giving them hope and opportunity.

And that is when he decided to set up the AP Foundation to make a difference.   

“I want them to learn from my mistakes, to help them find a pathway away from crime to a fulfilled life where they can achieve their potential”

David Frederick

Director of Mentorship

David, a former convicted criminal, today is a social entrepreneur committed to working in support of marginalised young people, creating opportunities and solutions.
He aims to develop the AP Foundation to establish itself as a fore runner in rehabilitation, reducing crime by supporting offenders peer mentoring.
David is a fully qualified mentor and has studied to gain qualifications in Law, Sociology, Substance Misuse, Alcohol Awareness, Mental Health and Information Advice and Guidance.

“My aim is to provid young people from disadvantaged and criminal backgrounds with opportunities to learn new skills, work on projects in the UK and abroad, and receive free mentoring support without feeling they are charity cases.”

Caroline Teunissen

Marketing and operations officer

With a strong marketing and social media comms background, Caroline brings multi-disciplinary experience from the corporate world where her role was to launch new business accounts and manage client relationships. 

She was also known as the agency trouble fixer and would be brought in to resolve issues and make sure accounts were successfully managed. 

Her role with APF is to identifying opportunities, forging alliances and ensuring all operations run smoothly. 


Robert Lee

Director of Educational programmes

An accomplished and experienced senior arts manager, consultant and lecturer, Robert began his career as an Education Officer and Curator before becoming more performing arts focused with a strong emphasis on access and diversity.

He’s produced and managed a number of performing arts events, festivals and venues; has aided the development of arts organisations, created employment opportunities, offered and received funding and has led complex Change Management strategies in both sport and arts sectors.

Robert has successfully raised funds bringing together public and private sector partnerships, promoted social cohesion, equality & diversity and health & safety.

Robert is keen on legacy and was drawn back into classrooms and lecture theatres for the training of leisure industry staff and managers including the 2012 Olympic preparations.



Georgia Loddi-Hill

Administration manager

Since a young child Georgia has been surrounded within the theatrical industry and did further studies on the art of theatre production at university through obtaining a degree in Drama and English Literature. Once completing the course Georgia worked as a brand ambassador for many different high-end brands. However, when hearing of the influential work that the AP foundation was doing, she wanted to redirect her efforts to more meaningful work.

“when hearing of the influential work that the AP foundation was doing, I wanted to redirect my efforts to more meaningful work. The situation for young offenders and their opportunities is in a dire situation and it takes charities like this to make the change people want to see. Dreams can be held by anyone, so everyone should get a chance to achieve them.”

Zoe Peveller

Intervention and resettlement adviser

Zoe has extensive experience of working within the Social Care, Continuing Care and Nursing Care sector.  She specialises in working with young people who have learning difficulties or challenging behaviour, in particular young people on Remand as well as victims of Child Grooming, Child Sexual Exploitation and Drug Exploitation. 

An accredited expert, trainer and practitioner, Zoe has worked on the front line for several years, working directly with each individual young person to create their own bespoke package of support.

“Our aim is to safeguard and protect young people from abuse and maltreatment. We enable young people to have the best of outcomes by providing them with safe and effective care, easing their transition into adulthood by preventing lasting harm to their health and development.

Nabil Abdulrashid

Relocation Director 

Nabil has been involved in rehabilitation and groundwork charitable efforts with young people for the last twelve years in various capacities ranging from mentoring young offenders, supporting domestic violence victims and vulnerable young people with an assortment of needs and vulnerabilities.

Nabil is currently developing courses with AP Foundation, which combines performance skills, conflict resolution and confidence building. As one of our leading peer mentors, Nabil has been championing AP Foundation and together we are excited to introduce our first ‘Stand-Up Comedy’ workshop.