Nearly everyone in prison will be released at some point and the majority will need a job.  71,495 prisoners were released in 2017.  Only 27% had a job to go to.

Employability skills are embedded within our training courses.  All students who have successfully completed one of our training and education courses will join our life skills programme as they near their release date.  Our life skills team will work with them on preparing their CV’s, on their presentation and interview skills, and to establish their long-term employment pathway.  

They will also ensure that the students have all the necessary documentation and disclosure letters necessary for employment on their release.

Having successfully completed their work experience, we will continue to support each student to secure their first full-time job via one of our pathway partners such as Careers Academy.  We will maximise their chances of sustaining employment by offering twelve months support and advice.

And if they change their mind and want to pursue a different career path, we will still be there for them, offering advice, helping them find alternative training, qualifications, funding and grants.

The AP Foundation will help all our students find the right job and support them for as long as they need.

Release on temporary licence (ROTL) can play an important part in helping young adult offenders to prepare for release and can dramatically reduce the rates of re-offending.  It is an essential bridge between custody and release, allowing them to gradually integrate back into society.  In 99.9% of cases, ROTL was completed successfully in 2018. 

The AP Foundation has already established links with potential employers who will provide four-week work placements for students who have successfully completed one of our media courses, as a first step towards full employment. 

We support the students and liaise with employers throughout their placement so as to make the transition between prison and the workplace as easy as possible, making the experience a rewarding one for both parties.

Andrew Pritchard (AP Foundation) talking to a group of ex offenders about making the most of their personal lived experience. Guiding and teaching them the skills to deliver rehabilitation programmes and explaining the attributes needed to become a successful peer mentor. In addition to build self confidence in setting up their own third sector businesses.

Careers Academy team up with Inside Connections, to support people in prison on ROTL, prison leavers, care and forces. They also support unemployed people who are trying to find work. Organising Civils Operative and Introduction to Data & Fibre Bootcamps. Offering over 300 new job opportunities.

Ex offender Nicholas Levene was described by the papers as the ‘UK’s Wolf of Wall Street’ before he was sent to prison for white collar crimes of money mismanagement. After his release from HMP Ford Nick teamed up with the AP Foundation and the Careers Academy to deliver a course on stock broking to budding entrepreneurs.

AP Foundation CIO in association with Atlas Digital Learning Ltd. Teaming up to deliver their Free Business entrepreneur online course. Students learn about how to develop their business idea, understand SWOT Analysis; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Form a suitable company structure, write a business & marketing plan, source funding etc. In addition we also offer free life coaching.