The Creative Writing course helps students discover the skills necessary to turn their ideas into a practical experience.  We introduce them to the key characteristics of creative writing and lead them step by step through the essentials of the craft, such as characterisation, plotting, description, dialogue, editing, etc.  We also cover the key elements of journalism and non-fiction writing.

We introduce the students to the many different genres:

  • Poetry
  • Drama: Plays; Film & TV scripts; Radio drama
  • Fiction: Novels; Short stories
  • Non-Fiction: History; Biography; Self Help; etc
  • Journalism

We guide them through the process of presenting and submitting their work to literary agents, newspaper & magazine editors and book publishers, we also teach them the art of pitching their scripts/stories to producers, commissioning editors, broadcasters and podcasters.

  • 4-week Programme
  • 10 Students
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Young adult offenders often relate to those who have ‘walked in their shoes’, those who have the lived experience of the criminal justice system. The AP Foundation believe that the ex-offender community has an important role to play in resettlement and rehabilitation.

Arts, culture and media programmes are also an effective way of engaging difficult to engage young adult people in productive activities connected with their leisure interests, developing their vocational and transferable employment skills, boosting their employability and reducing re-offending.