AP Foundation TV is a unique platform providing original hard-hitting content, hosted by former MTV Asia presenter Katherine (Kat) Alano. We discuss current affairs, social trends and relevant issues taking place in the criminal justice system and our wider community, where crime, politics and media meet. Bringing together a wealth of knowledgeable, opinionated and intelligent individuals, who collectively will help raise awareness and understanding for one another.


Katherine (Kat) Alano

Host & Producer

Kat started in show business in the Philippines at the age of 18 and has worn many hats over the years. From being a host of one of the most popular noontime shows in the country, to an MTV VJ, a radio jock, starred in soaps, movies and TV shows, been featured in several magazines plus hosted multiple podcasts, she now takes on the role of writer and producer. And avid believer in changing the World for the better and making a difference, she is a staunch advocate for victims of rape and sexual violence and has created her own initiative, Empower Philippines, to help change the narrative of how the World sees rape and has been advocating in government, schools and even done a TEDx talk to push for changes in society and the justice system.

Mark  Torres

Creative Producer

Mark started as a graphic designer and animator for BHRC, heading the designs of hundreds of campaigns welcoming visitors at all of London’s airports and main train stations. From an in-house Creative for London Mayfair’s exclusive “Taman Gang” on Park Lane to leading a team of designers for ongoing projects with London’s award-winning restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, Mark has also embarked on a successful career in commercial acting and talent coaching. He became a recognisable face of top campaign’s for the world’s preeminent brands like Jaguar, BMW, Shangri La, Qatar Airways and many more. His recent passion for creative producing has led to filming and directing work for music artists and well-known actors in the UK and US.

Jamielyn De La Cruz

Director of Public Relations


Young adult offenders often relate to those who have ‘walked in their shoes’, those who have the lived experience of the criminal justice system. The AP Foundation believe that the ex-offender community has an important role to play in resettlement and rehabilitation.

Arts, culture and media programmes are also an effective way of engaging difficult to engage young adult people in productive activities connected with their leisure interests, developing their vocational and transferable employment skills, boosting their employability and reducing re-offending.