Ronnie Mauge

Ronnie Mauge is an ex-professional footballer. He started his career with Charlton Athletic before moving to Fulham and Bury football clubs. In 1991, Ronnie spent a brief spell on loan to Manchester City before being signed by Pymouth Argyle F.C where he became the first Argyle player to score at Wembley, during the play-off final of 1996 when Plymouth defeated Darlington 1-0. 

In 2000, he was called up to join the national squad of Trinidad and Tobago, but broke his leg while playing in the first round of the Gold Cup against Mexico.  Although Ronnie retired from playing professional football in 2002, he has gone on to achieve a successful career as a football scout, consultant and agent.

As a teenager growing up in Hackney, Ronnie got involved with a local street gang and received a criminal conviction and was sent to prison. Had it not been for the opportunities offered by sport and in particular football, Ronnie’s life could have been very different.

“Sport and physical activity have enormous potential to motivate and help young people change their lives, and I should know – it changed my life forever. I look forward to working with the AP Foundation to help other youngsters change their lives.”

Lisa Nash

Lisa is a talented and versatile presenter, probably best known for presenting ITV’s hit Friday night music show Club@Vision, subsequently becoming a very familiar face and voice to the British public.  She has also presented programmes from London Fashion Week and has made a number of celebrity interviews for The Clothes Show.  

 Known for her distinctive husky tones, Lisa has regularly worked as a voice-over artist on a variety of projects from The Lion King to MTV,  and her talents don’t stop there… as she has also appeared as ‘the face’ in a number of international beauty commercials including Oil of Olay and P20 suncream.

 Lisa recently took a step away from being in front of the camera and returned to her first love – fitness, becoming a body coach and celebrity fitness trainer.

“My aim is to create meaningful and positive change in the lives of young people. I strive to empower them to reach their highest possible potential by providing nutritional, educational as well as health and fitness support.Lisa 

Josh Myers

Josh Myers is an emerging film star on the British independent film scene, best known for his roles in playing gangland criminals.

In 2010 he secured one of the key roles as Snake in the British thriller film Psychosis. He has since starred in many UK films,  including Fall of the Krays, White Collar Hooligan 3, Bonded By Blood 2, Anti-Social and Green Street 3, The Krays – Dead Man Walking, Once Upon a Time in London, Rise of the Footsoldier 3, 4 and his most recent role in Rise of  the Footsolier Origins: The Tony Tucker story.

“I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to play roles of interesting characters many of whom were based on real-life criminals. However, unlike the people I’ve played in films, I’ve been able to live my life without having to constantly look over my shoulder. What I learnt in these roles added another dimension in understanding the fear many people experience every day on our streets. 

I am honoured to become an ambassador for the AP Foundation knowing that I can make a difference and to share my passion for film and acting with people who have not had the chances I’ve had.

Vas Blackwood

Famous for playing Iconic roles as Rory breaker in ‘Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels’ and Massive in ‘Mean Machine’.

Vas, perfected his craft working up the ranks in Numerous Stage plays.  Major Television roles followed, starring alongside Comedic King Lenny Henry (OBE) in the BBC awarding-winning Delbert Wilkins Show.  His guest star performance as Lennox ‘Shadow’ Gilby in the BBC ‘Only Fools & Horses’ (Longest Night) is considered a classic.