Josh Myers

Josh Myers is an emerging film star on the British independent film scene, best known for his roles in playing gangland criminals. Coming from a family who have been involved in the film industry, it felt natural for Josh to follow, but unlike his father and grandfather, he wanted to be an actor. His father agreed, but only if he went to drama school and the rest, as they say, is history as he has been successfully carving out a career in acting. 

In 2010 he secured one of the key roles as Snake in the British thriller film Psychosis. He has since starred in many UK films,  including the Rise of the Footsoldier 3, Fall of the Krays, White Collar Hooligan 3, Bonded By Blood 2, Anti-Social and Green Street 3, The Krays – Dead Man Walking and his most recent role in Once Upon a Time in London.

“I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to play roles of interesting characters many of whom were based on real-life criminals. However, unlike the people I’ve played in films, I’ve been able to live my life without having to constantly look over my shoulder. What I learnt in these roles added another dimension in understanding the fear many people experience every day on our streets. 

I am honoured to become an ambassador for the AP Foundation knowing that I can make a difference and to share my passion for film and acting with people who have not had the chances I’ve had. My goal is to give them the tools, and the encouragement and confidence to get into acting and the film industry, away from looking over their shoulder in fear”. 


“Everyone has dreams, hopes and desires and at some time in their life everyone has been disappointed, let down and ignored, but for the many young people today who have no encouragement or guidance, this can have a devastating effect.  So now is time to show these same young people that someone is really listening, someone who is prepared to support and guide them through their problems and issues, to help them understand the cause and effect of their actions and to teach them how to achieve happier and more successful resolutions”.