Michael Simkin

Michael Simkin is an award winning producer, series producer and exec producer. He specialises in presenter-led factual, difficult access docs, investigative journalism, extreme travel and adventure, working in current affairs, history and crime. Michael is also a talented self operator, who often shoots his programmes. He has worked with all of the major UK broadcasters. 

 “I have been following Andrew’s career for over 15 years, and have seen him change, He now embraces the prospect of rehabilitating people with the same energy and excitement that he had for his previous projects. If people like Andrew and the people working with him cannot win people over, then no one can.”

Spencer Baldwin

Spencer’s background is in the music business. He spent 9 years at Warner Music, working with and developing music for chart-topping artists. He subsequently owned and managed a variety of independent record labels and publishing companies as well as management roles for world famous DJs, producers and artists.

Recent years have been devoted to provide training in mind management and performance control techniques, drawing on this varied and extensive experience. Spencer is a fully qualified cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist. He work’s with musicians, actors, sportspeople, opera singers, personal trainers and other performers with a range of psychological and emotional issues. Spencer also work’s with the PFA (Professional Footballers Association) and the Sporting Chance charity as part of their national network of therapists and counsellors, treating active and retired professional footballers in the UK.

Robert Lee

Robert spent his youthful career in visual arts began as Education Officer and Curator before becoming more performing arts focused with a strong emphasis on access and diversity. He produced and managed a number of performing arts events, festivals and venues. Robert has aided the development of arts organisations, created employment opportunities, offered and received funding and have led complex Change Management strategies in both sport and arts sectors.
He has successfully raised fund bringing together public and private sector partnerships, promoted social cohesion, equality & diversity and health & safety became specialties.
Robert has been strategist, programmer, and manager all over the UK and sometimes abroad, added to the portfolio of consultative projects that were too good to walk away from, ranging from international Event Management to Operational, Programme and Project Management, encompassing sport as well as entertainment during the millennium celebrations.
Robert is a divergent educator, keen on legacy, so I’ve been drawn back into classrooms and lecture theatres for the training of leisure industry staff and managers including the 2012 Olympic preparations.


Alan Miller

Alan Miller started his career staging international events in the music business. He is the co-founder of London’s Old Truman Brewery cultural business centre, which helped regenerate Shoreditch, and was CEO of The Vibe Bar for 20 years. He is also a film and TV producer/director.
Alan sat on The Arts Council’s UK London Arts Board and ran the New York Salon, a forum for inter-disciplinary, open debate with speakers from around the world.
As a founder and first chairman of the Night Time Industries Association, Alan represented cultural interests across Britain as well as around the globe.
Alan co-founded Recovery, bringing together hospitality and arts groups along with teachers, scientists, doctors, parents and citizens to launch the collective call for a calm, reasonable and balanced response to the pandemic.

“Young people represent the potential of our future. That is why I’m so passionate that they should have the best opportunities possible & have the benefit of those with crucial experience and insights from every sector.  That’s why I’m an advocate of the AP Foundation which I consider to be essential particularly now. The Foundation’s outlook & work from prisons to city centres represents a practical yet ambitious outlook that I believe policy makers urgently needto adopt”