The government has recognised the significant role the arts can play in engaging young adults caught up in the justice system, by helping them unleash their talents, acquire new skills, confidence, self-esteem and fresh perspectives for their future. Media programmes are an effective way of engaging difficult to engage young adult offenders in productive activities connected with their leisure interests, developing their vocational and transferable employment skills, boosting their employability and reducing crime.

It is necessary that young people, who may otherwise be susceptible to gang membership, to know that there is an alternative community that is available and willing to offer them comprehensive support. 

The Centre for Social Justice

The media world is a richly diverse, non-judgemental and welcoming community that can offer multiple opportunities to Young Offenders for a crime-free lifestyle.

The 5 Step Pathway

In collaboration with media industry experts we have created a co-ordinated 5-step pathway to help young adult offenders take their first steps towards a new life, to get back into the workplace, to change their lives for the better and to prevent reoffending.

Designed to reflect the lifestyle activities of a media literate generation, we harness their ambitions, passions and interests and introduce them to the many opportunities available in the media business, and then guide them onto the first rung of what will be an exciting and fulfilling career.

  • Rehabilitation
  • Education & Training
  • Work Experience
  • Employment
  • Support & Housing

We challenge existing behaviour and resolve lifestyle patterns through rehabilitation. We prepare them for entry into the workplace through education & training. We secure work experience placements at the end of their sentences and we find them employment on their release.

And to give them a real chance to turn their lives around, we provide all graduates with 12 months support to help them navigate the system and co-ordinate the many challenging complexities of life as an ex-offender. And for vulnerable graduates we provide 3 months temporary housing.

The AP Foundation CIO is an approved Charity, registered under the Charity Commission for England and Wales.