The MAVIS Award – Motivation, Ambition, Vision, Inspiration, Success

Sadly due to the global outbreak of Coronavirus this event has been postponed until 2021.

The MAVIS Awards celebrate the achievements of young people and young adult ex-offenders who have managed to turn their lives around in the face of overwhelming challenges.

They may have overcome addiction, stepped away from gang culture and violence, desisted from crime, reconnected with education, undertaken training opportunities, found long-term employment, shown a commitment to helping others or become a contributing member of their local community.

The MAVIS awards recognises the courage and determination the young people have shown to become the very best they can be and applauds their achievement, which for some, may be the very first time in their lives that their efforts have been positively acknowledged.

Awarded annually, the MAVIS awards are open to all young people aged 15-30, who can be nominated by an individual, group or organisation, who feel the young person has made significant progress in turning their lives around.  

There are 3 awards, each offering a prize of £1,000 along with a pair of VIP tickets to a major music festival  for the winners:

MAVIS Community Award

MAVIS Ex-Offender Award

MAVIS Youth Award

The winners will be presented with their prizes at an annual major music festival that will take place in August 2021.

Please contact the AP Foundation for further details.