Anjela Lauren Smith

Anjela Lauren Smith, is a British Actress/Writer whose career in Entertainment spans 30 years. Anjela was at the forefront of British Fashion as a model during the 90s; Also performing as a dancer with groups such as Soul II Soul,  Paul Weller, Lucas  and touring with Jazz funk band Barrie K Sharpe & Diana Brown. Her work has reached many platforms and Anjela has travelled across Europe and United States.

Most recognised as ‘Anita’ lead character in Film4 ‘Babymother’, ‘Greenwich Meantime/G:MT’ and Guy Ritchie’s ‘Revolver’.
Babymother is heavily cited as one of the top Black British Films. Anjela’s repertoire includes Musical-Drama, Comedy and Crime Thrillers.
Anjela has also worked behind the scenes as a production assistant, casting assistant and casting director on music videos including Grammy winning Best video ‘Swallowed’ (Bush) and ‘Wannabe’ (Spice Girls).
Anjela has produced and written 2 short films.
Recent work includes BAFTA nominated LGBTQ film  ‘One to One’ and playing ‘Dinah Wilson’ in EastEnders, in a storyline where her character suffers from MS. Anjela has worked voluntarily in her community in the last 15 years with young people, the homeless and currently for a Disability charity.
‘Everyone deserves a chance in life. I grew up in Brixton but it was a different place, so we all found moving around gave us different opportunities.
I remember the way some people frowned when l said l was from Brixton; also being out with friends and cabs refusing us a fare.
I appreciate the challenges for some young people, all it needs sometimes is someone to believe in you to enhance your self belief.
Stereotypes and being pushed into a corner, benefit no one.  I have played roles from Mother’s fighting what little society thinks of them; to sophisticated criminals. 
People interest me and l believe that change starts with understanding and a willingness to help others see, that whatever you started out with….is not all you are.
I see the huge potential and already progress of the foundation in creating change and l’m really excited for all those taking part’.