Working with Her Majesty’s Prisons

AP Foundation has been working closely with Her Majesty’s Prisons and Serco PLC, since 2019.
The Foundation has been actively involved in developing a wide and unique selection of accredited courses, including conflict resolution, peer mentoring, and gender specialisms. We have also assisted Serco in preparing a number of high-value tenders, namely HMP & YOI Fosse Way, a new build Category ’C’ resettlement prison near Leicestershire. This particular facility will house up to 1,715 inmates.
We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with HMP estates. 


Integrated Gangs & Exploitation Unit (IGXU)

The IGXU is a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary team made up of Westminster Council and police officers.  The unit aims to reduce gang violence to create safer communities and is built on the principles of early intervention, information sharing and personal responsibility. It gives young people the opportunity to exit the “gang” lifestyle through a series of services and interventions. The integrated partnership approach brings respite to the community from such behaviour which affects their quality of life in the most disruptive way.

AP Foundation were commissioned by the IGXU to engage young women and girls who are at risk of exploitation.  The work included sessions within a school setting, raising awareness of exploitation with partner agencies, 1:2:1 consultation with young women offering healthier patterns of behaviour whilst also bringing awareness in regard to exploitation via unhealthy relationships.

The Foundation have been well received by multi-agency partners and young women giving positive feedback. The foundations behavioural specialist was very passionate about ensuring that the young people of Westminster were safeguarded, also mindful that they are vulnerable and require support which takes a different form dependent on the individual.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with AP Foundation and excited about our collaborative piece for 22-23


Professional Testimonies

“Your intervention was clear and interesting, and we’ve had really good feedback from staff”

“Thanks so much for yesterday. It was a fascinating presentation, and you are clearly doing a great job of raising awareness of these issues.”

“This was absolutely brilliant and thank you so much for such informative teaching. It was brilliant that it was so inclusive of LGBTQ+ youth and also the role of sexual violence as humiliation/control of all genders of young people as the media etc so often forget this.”


Chase Hill | Targeted Intervention Manager Palace For Life Foundation

Andrew attended our workshop aimed at young people who had been identified as being a risk/ involved in offending behaviours. He give a very real, raw and powerful account of his personal story, his mistakes and choices which led to his prison sentence. Our young people were completely captivated by the power of Andrew’s words as he took the group on a journey of his mindset and growth. He was organic and relatable to our young people through the young adults he had come across in prison. I could not recommend Andrew more!

Lisa give as a powerful account of the events that led to her sons prison sentence, she told our group about the impact immediately after the incident, the took us on a journey through the trial and talked about the stigma and impact on their community. Our young people were completely taken back by Lisa’s bravery, seeing the impact of a murder from a different perspective. The emotion and pain in Lisa’s words were extremely powerful, one young person said to us after the event that he had found it really hard listen to Lisa as he thought about his own mother and her pain. This was without doubt one of the most impactful speakers we have had!

Voices of Young Females supported by AP Foundation

Sometimes I think that I can’t be bothered, when I know you’re going to come to the youth club, but then I think that I actually like you and that you don’t judge me, and you understand what young people go through.

I’m proud of how far I’ve come and am more aware now of what signs to look for about whether a relationship is unhealthy.  I know I matter.

“I used to be with someone who trapped, and I feel like when a boyfriend traps the girl shows that she wants to help and prove her loyalty to show that she is down for anything – it’s that whole ‘ride or die’ thing. Sometimes there is pressure from the boy for her to hide things etc. I was asked to hold stuff but said no because I know people who have had their house raided. All as it takes is for one person with a big mouth to tell people that you are minding something for your house to get raided; you can’t trust some people… Some girls do choose to trap for their own financial independence as some jobs do not pay much and they want a nice lifestyle that they see especially on social media. I had a female friend who had grown up in a troubled background, the girl went cunch (county lines) and trapped so that she could earn money as her mum had died and her dad was unable to provide her with things that she wanted. Girls are also less likely to be caught.” 

Personal Testimonies 

Andy, many years ago at HMP Wandsworth you gave me advice, to change my company and find a trade, I was 27 at the time, today I’m 45 and I work as an electrician. I am probably one of your first trainees. Your advice changed my life.