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The AP Foundation is offering accredited training and placements in a number of areas related to the Music Industry. This qualification is for people who want to enter the music industry in a range of business roles as assistant band or artist managers or venue operators.  

Students will develop knowledge and skills to work effectively in the music industry and will plan a music industry career, develop micro business proposals as well as implement copyright arrangements. Students will also learn to follow health and safety procedures relevant to the music business.  


The Music Production Course for Beginners uses the latest, most effective technology to teach the principles of creative music production.

This course includes a mix of inspirational Music Production for Beginners and is a practical course that follows a hands-on approach enabling learners to get involved in producing music from day one.

Participant delegate learners will be encouraged to write and record their own music throughout the duration of the course, participant delegate learners can work and record with other students (or bring in their own musicians, vocalist and MC’s) to produce polished tracks at the end of the course.


The aim of the course is to introduce to the Student to the world of international music events and give an understanding of the business world within which it operates. Events managers must be conversant in marketing, human resources and finance to be able to continuously produce successful events as well as have an understanding of the major support areas involved such as hospitality and related services.  

The course aims to emphasise key concepts and draw attention to their importance in the process of effective decision making. It will also promote the application of the skills required in the business world and events management.

This course also identifies and explains the varied elements e.g. research, design, planning etc. which must be addressed for both the domestic and international events operations. The course provides insight into the interaction between the different elements involved in the planning of any project, be it exhibitions, construction, tourism, etc., through both theory and practice. Focus is placed upon the planning of the project at both origin and destination, so that upon the successful completion of the course, the student will be able to demonstrate a broad understanding of the individual elements involved in the project as well as the means by which they can be planned, designed and managed.

Media Technology for Events Management

Events Management is built around the use and exploitation of media technology, such as video conferencing, voice and video over IP, as well as lighting, audio and projection systems. Some of our students will be going into areas of the corporate world such as events management, advertising, consultancy, and public relations where use of such media is commonplace.

The vocational training prepares people to enter the music or theatre business, backstage or front of house.

This qualification prepares young people to work backstage in theatres at outdoor events and at music venues. The practical elements of this course require students to attend live sessions and demonstrate their learning. As it will be delivered in partnership with Theatres, Live Venues and sector related environments there are plenty of opportunities for participants to demonstrate their skills in a real working live environment.

Health & Safety is a vital qualification for anybody presenting themselves for backstage work so we prepare people for careers as; Stage hands; Performers; Roadies, Sound/Audio and Lighting Technicians, Promoters and Event Organisers. Students can also learn to manage their own band or crew and prepare for self-employment.

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