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The Grazer Platform:

Inspired by the way content is shared on social media, Grazer is leading a new interactive way to deliver learning experiences directly into the hands of learners via their smartphones. Teaching subjects outside the standard curriculum such as music, fashion and film, our initiative provides a way to bring education to those excluded or near excluded from school in ways that others cannot. 

The user can tailor their learning experiences, by pulling in the wealth of existing educational content, set themselves or their team goals and track their work and achievements. Teachers or facilitators are able to track the progress of each individual, set goals, offer encouragement and recognise the successes of students. 

  • Credibility through participation of ex-gang members
  • A new type of learning experience
  • Learning on the learners’ own terms
  • Goals that are meaningful
  • Content that is engaging
  • Status that can be earned in the eyes of their peers

Designed for a smartphone,

always-on-the-go world,

anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

The AP Foundation and Grazer Learning have agreed an exclusive partnership, in which the AP Foundation has the sole rights to use the Grazer Learning Platform within the Rehabilitation & Criminal Justice system.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela 

Education, we also believe is one of the most powerful ways young adults can lift themselves out of a world of crime and violence, to a life in which they can realise their potential and achieve their dreams. Education can change lives, and everyone deserves the chance of an education. But sometimes the existing educational system doesn’t work, the traditional model of classroom-based learning fails, and people don’t secure qualifications, knowledge and skills needed in today’s world; the impact of which seriously limits young people’s options and opportunities.

Faced with this challenge, the AP Foundation was determined find an alternative way to bring education, learning and skills training to young adults currently outside the existing traditional educational framework.

The answer came with a platform called ‘Grazer’ developed by a formidable digital team who look at problems from a different viewpoint. Led by Mark Weber, who brings with him 25 years of creating digital learning experiences, the team looked at creating a mobile, customisable learning environment delivered via handsets. One which in which students could decide either on their own or collectively what learning content they wanted to pull in, set goals and collaborate together, to learn in a safe space. In summary, Grazer is the first social learning network with no walled garden approach and with the teacher able to control and the user to own their learning experiences.

The possibility of what Grazer Learning can bring to the AP Foundation was immediately recognised by Andrew and Mark as well as the AP Foundation team, and a strategic educational partnership was agreed, in which the Grazer platform would be exclusively rolled out to the hard to get to young adults in a series of pilot programmes.

If you are interested in finding out how the Grazer platform can work for your organisation or community then please contact the AP Foundation team for more information and how it can be used for your learning projects.

Click here to download a one page outline.

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